The Science of Supercars


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Trace the evolution of the supercar through the technology that drives it.

In The Science of Supercars , the authors describe the history of supercars, unraveling the mysteries and mechanics of the cars that changed the automotive world forever. In-depth interviews with the top names in the supercar and racing industries reveal their opinions on today's supercars and their visions for the future.

David Coulthard, runner-up in the 2001 Formula One World Drivers' Championship, provides the introduction. The authors follow with comprehensive chapters of inside information and exciting photographs that will be a catalog for supercar shoppers and a dream diary for others. The images show the interiors and exteriors of supercars and illustrated insets explain the technology.

      1. The Thirst for Power - The internal combustion engine and the early days of speed

      2. Style Versus Substance - Next steps, and the birth of aerodynamics

      3. Emerging Technologies - The mechanics of war drive the birth of the supercar

      4. Configuration - The Miura, the E-Type and the dawn of the modern age

      5. The Science of Theater - Fashion and styling take center stage

      6. The Turbo Years - The Porsche Turbo and the rebirth of supercar science

      7. All-Wheel drive - Power or technology: how designers keep the cars on the road

      8. Composites - The McLaren F1 and its technological legacy

      9. Emerging Aero - Understanding the complex art of aerodynamics

      10. Going to the Opera - The remarkable science behind the era-defining Bugatti Veyron

      11. The Holy Trinity - Hybrid tech ushers in a new kind of supercar

    12. The Future - The technology on the verge of reshaping the landscape.